Who has Web Advisor Access


A change to Web Advisor was made on Aug 17th, 2023 - users will now be required to login using their email address, password and then confirm their identity by approving the login - MFA (multi-factor authentication). For more information on the MFA please see this page


Browser Issues: After this change, there have been some issues related to browsers. The vendor will work to resolve these issues, but in the meantime, when logging into Web Advisor, some pages may not load if you are using Safari or Chrome Incognito browser. If you cannot open some of the sections in Web Advisor like "My Documents", please try to login with a different browser (such as Edge or Firefox) and this should resolve the issue.


Access to Web Advisor - previously anyone could search for sections and courses on the Web Advisor page; this access has been removed. Undergrad and Graduate students have Web Advisor access.  If you are a Faculty or you have Colleague access, you can login to Web Advisor. If you are a staff and need to search sections, you can access the course listings via the Registrar's Sharepoint Page . Distance Education or certificate students do not have Web Advisor access - login to your Open Ed Student portal for course and other information. 


If you require more access to Web Advisor - please see this page about the Class Lists site and how to get access.


If you require Colleague access please fill out the request form on this page - Colleague new user access or change account access.




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