Updating Browser

It is important for you to update your browser when updates become available as this helps to prevent hackers from taking advantage of any vulnerabilities older versions may pose. In addition, online transactions that involve sensitive data such as credit card information require that your browser meets the minimum requirements and supports encryption of 128-bit SSL sessions. 


You can test your Browser settings for Single Sign On (SSO) using this page -



Internet cookies are small pieces of data which are used to help websites identify their users when they visit their site. An example of how a cookie is used is when your username is already filled into a login form.


Cookies are sent via HTTP header when you submit information via a form and it is stored on your local drive as a text file. Generally, cookies pose a low security risk, but you still have the option to control the use of cookies from your browser settings under Tools / Options in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge.


Please note: Spyware software makes use of cookies, so it's to your advantage to install spyware removal software.




JavaScript is a scripting language, as the name may already indicate, and is separate from Java. JavaScript is used primarily to make web pages dynamic and interactive (for example, validating information sent through a form). Most browsers support JavaScript but this feature can be turned off, typically under your browser Tools Options.


However, if you have JavaScript disabled you will lose many of the website's functions and abilities (such as dynamic menus), although a well designed website will accommodate users with JavaScript disabled. 



Java Applets

Java applets are small applications which are embedded and ran within a web page as opposed to being stand-alone applications. Java applets are typically used when the program is too large to be included in a web page or if the author does not want their code to be visible to others. Java applets can be used to run animation/graphics, chat rooms, calculators, and various other tasks. In order to use Java applets, you have to install a Java plug-in which can be downloaded from Sun Microsystems.

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