My Teams meeting is not working (can't join, no sound, no video, no chat) 



I can't hear the audio, or don't see the chat function in the Teams meeting I have just joined! How do I get this functionality back?



The best thing to try first? Just leave the meeting and come back. You can use the same link that got you there – whether the meeting started from a Team, or just an invite in Outlook. All this does is force Teams to try again!


For things like Audio, there may be another issue – your speakers, microphone, etc. But if you were in a Teams meeting this morning and everything worked fine, but suddenly this afternoon the chat won’t load or something along those lines, just leave the meeting and re-join. Nine times out of ten this will do the trick!





Teams does not see my microphone and/or camera, and/or I cannot share my screen when I join a meeting on my Mac computer (MacOS 10.15 to 12). What do I do?


Mac devices may disable Teams permissions for camera, microphone, and screen sharing by default. To check if your computer has disabled Accessibility, Camera, and Microphone permissions:


1. Go to Apple Menu > System Preferences > Security and Privacy. In the window that opens, click the Privacy tab.



2. Click the Padlock icon at the bottom-left of the window, and enter your Mac's administrator username and password.


3. In the left menu, navigate to and click Accessibility.

  • If Teams does not appear in the right menu after this, click the plus icon below and to the left of the right menu, and add Teams to the menu.

     If the checkbox next to Teams in the right menu is not enabled, click the checkbox.




4. Repeat step 3, but with the following left menu sections: Camera, Microphone, and Screen Recording.


5. Close and restart Teams for the changes to take effect. 

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