Azure MFA for AnyConnect VPN

Azure MFA (multi-factor authentication) is an added layer of security to help ensure that the correct person is granted access to  U of G systems that are protected by a VPN.  VPN is an acronym for "Virtual Private Network".  A VPN connection is secure and encrypted. U of G uses Cisco AnyConnect VPN.

Important:  At this time, AnyConnect VPN service is limited to staff and faculty.


Tip: Before you start, if you want to review some information about Azure MFA, go to: Resources for Azure MFA Enrolment (


  1. To enrol in Azure MFA, please use the Azure MFA enrollment wizard: .The wizard will guide you through the enrolment process.
  2. Before access to AnyConnect VPN can be granted, you must complete the form: "VPN Access Request" The form validates that prerequisites have been met.  When the form is submitted, a support ticket will be created.  Your account will be added to the appropriate security group.  You will be emailed instructions to enrol in Azure MFA.


After Enrolling in Azure MFA

After you have self-enrolled in MFA, you are now able to login to AnyConnect VPN.  If this is your first time enrolling, you may have to replace the host information beside the "Connect" button with (see the screenshot) 
Enter vpndotuoguelphdotca in the space provided

Press Connect to initiate the VPN connection.  If your AnyConnect installation is out of date, there may be a brief delay while the software is automatically updated to the current version.


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