How to Install and License SPSS Statistics 28 for Mac





1. After downloading a copy of SPSS from the Software Distribution Website, go to your downloads folder and launch the installation wizard.


2. Upon opening the installation wizard, you will be prompted by some information about the licensed materials. Click "Continue" to proceed.



3. On the next page, read through the Software License Agreement, then click "Continue".



4. To continue installing the software , agree to the terms of the license agreement by clicking "Agree". 



5. Now you will be required to enter the administrator password for your MacBook (not your Central login) in order to install. Once entered, click "Install Software" to begin the installation process for SPSS.  



6. Wait for SPSS to finish installing, then click "Finish" to complete the download. SPSS is now installed on your computer.

It will show in documents below as a folder titled "IBM SPSS Statistics".









1. The Activate IBM SPSS Statistics window will appear after the installation is complete. Select "Launch License Wizard".



2. The IBM SPSS Statistics Licensing status window will appear. Click "Next".




























3. On the Product Authorization window, select "Authorized User License", then click "Next".




























4. Enter the authorization code you would have received when you placed your order on the Software Distribution site (this can be found by going into Your Account/Orders under your profile). Click "Add" then "Next".




























5. Once the authorization is successful, click "Next".




























6. The last step is to click "Finish". SPSS 28 has been successfully installed and activated.








If you have any questions or issues with the installation / licensing for SPSS, please reach out to the Help Centre at or 519-824-4120 ext. 58888. Please include the following in your message:


  • device details - personal vs. University-supplied device, operating system
  • the step in this guide that you are having an issue with (if applicable) 


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