SPSS 29 Sonoma Fix



Please download the files for the fix here before following the guide:

Files for SPSS 29 fix


If you were able to download the files, scroll down the page to the section, "Performing the fix" If the link above does not work, please email us at ithelp@uoguelph.ca so we can update the link to the files. The second option is to visit the IT Help Desk to get assistance in person to do the fix. Our hours are here: IT Help Desk (uoguelph.ca).


The last option is create an IBM account to access the files for the fix - the instructions to do so are below:

1. Visit this link for the Sonoma fix


2. Press the continue button



3. Login to IBM or create an IBM account – an account is needed to access the files for the fix



4. Once you create your account and authenticate your email you should be on this page. By default, “Download using Download Director (requires Java)” will be selected, but choose “Download using your browser (HTTPS)” and press continue



5. Download the files for the fix by clicking on the linked file:



Performing the fix

1. Right click and open the file from this location (e.g., Downloads). This will unpack a folder with the new fixed files.



2. In the new folder, Right click the .dylib file, abd copy the .dylib file like in the photo 



3. Close all instances of Statistics 29 on your Desktop, then Open Finder, then Select "Go" then "Go to Folder"





4. In the search bar, navigate to the folder:

/Applications/IBM SPSS Statistics/SPSS Statistics.app/Contents/lib/


5. Locate the file "libplatdep.dylib", then Right click, then paste the file we copied before (We are replacing the old file with the new file from the downloaded fix)



6. Now open terminal, which can be done by opening launchpad and searching for “terminal” You will need to type (or you may copy and paste into terminal) then press enter:

sudo chmod 755 /Applications/IBM\ SPSS\ Statistics/SPSS\ Statistics.app/Contents/lib/libplatdep.dylib


7. When it asks for a Password, enter your Macs computer password. When  typing in the password, it will not show you typing but in reality it is recording what you are typing so just type your password as normal.


8. You can now launch SPSS, license it, and begin using the program

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