Secure Wireless (uog-wifi-secure)


We recommend users who have never changed their UoG password or have not changed it in over a year to change their password using our password change tool. Afterwards, you can use the JoinNow tool to configure the wireless network for your devices.
For additional details on the benefits of the secure wireless network, please scroll to the bottom of this page.

1) If you don't know your password: 

Use the Password Change Utility to change your password and synchronize it with the wireless security server. If you don't know your password and have not signed up for the Password Reset Self-Service tool you can contact us to get a new password. Find out more information regarding your password here.

2) Choose JoinNow or JoinNow Instructions for your Device


Direct link:

Operating Systems

Windows 11/ 10 / 8.1 - JoinNow - Win 11/10/8.1

Mac OSX 10.9-10.13+ - JoinNow - Mac 10.9+

Mac OSX Big Sur - JoinNow Big Sur

iOS (iPhone and iPad): JoinNow - iOS
Android: JoinNow Android 9, JoinNow  Android 10, JoinNow Android 11, JoinNow Android 12

Chromebook: JoinNow - Chromebook

At this time Windows 7/8, Mac OSX 10.5 & 10.6, and Blackberry are not supported. See notes below. 


*NOTE: You can connect to uog-guest first and click on the "U of G secure wireless configuration utility" link in the guest login page to use JoinNow.

*NOTE: We do not recommend users to log into secure-wifi through the manual configuration settings due to potential security risks. More information about these risks can be found in this article Man in the Middle Attacks Explained. If manual configuration is necessary, users can refer to these General WPA2 Enterprise Parameters to manually configure their devices for the uog-wifi-secure network with WPA2 Enterprise.

**NOTE: We do not support these devices or any other devices not running operating systems listed. Old operating systems such as Windows 7 / 8 or Mac OSX 10.5 / 10.6 are no longer being supported. We recommend upgrading your device to the most current operating system it is able to support. Our staff can provide you with best-effort assistance at the IT Help Desk, but we can not escalate the issue further. If you are still having problems with connecting the device to secure wireless, you may have to make changes on the device or change devices.

There are general WPA2 parameters you will need in order to configure a wireless device (such as Chrome OS, Kindle, Rasberry PI, etc) not listed above. Users can refer to these General WPA2 Enterprise Parameters to configure their devices for the uog-wifi-secure network with WPA2 Enterprise.

Why is uog-wifi-secure safe?

The uog-wifi-secure wireless network has full encryption from the endpoint (your device) to the wireless access point, making data protection increasingly secure. This encryption greatly minimizes our vulnerability and provides a safe and secure environment for the entire campus community.

Who can access uog-wifi-secure?

This network is exclusive to University staff, faculty, and students (those with central login accounts). It provides access to the internet as well as University systems that are not open to the public.

How do guests to the U of G campus access WiFi?

We have a guest WiFi service that can be accessed by individuals who do not have a central login account so they can access the internet as well as publicly available services while on campus. Please visit guest network access to find out how to use our guest wifi service.

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