How to Install SAS 9.4 Workstation for Windows




1.    Extract (unzip) the “” file. (Windows has a built-in zipping utility or you could use a 3rd party application like 7-zip.)





2.    In the unzipped folder, find and run the “setup.exe” file.  


3.    Select the installation language you would like to use, then press OK to start the SAS Deployment Wizard.

4.    Select “Install SAS software”, then click Next.

5.    Select “Install SAS Foundation and Related Software”, then click Next.



6.    Select the products you would like to install (or leave the defaults selected to do a standard installation) and press Next.


7.    Select “64-Bit Native Mode”, then click Next.

8.    Leave the selected Foundation Products as is, then click Next.

9.    At the Specify SAS Installation Data File window, click Next.



10.    Press Clear All on the Language Support page, then select the language(s) you would like to use with the software and click Next.



11.    On the Default Product for SAS File Types page, select “SAS Foundation (64-bit)”, then click Next.

12.    Let the Checking System page run until completion, then click Next.

13.    At the Deployment Summary page, click Start.

14.    The application will be installed on your system. When completed, click Next.

15.    Finally, click Finish to begin using SAS.





If you have any questions or issues with the installation / activation for SAS, please reach out to the Help Centre at or 519-824-4120 ext. 58888. Please include the following in your message:


  • device details - personal vs. University-supplied device, operating system
  • the step in this guide that you are having an issue with (if applicable) 




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