I am a retiree from the University of Guelph and I can no longer use Office Applications


Office licences for retired staff and faculty started to change in the Winter of 2022 – please see this page for more details - https://uoguelphca.sharepoint.com/sites/ccs/SitePages/Microsoft-365-Licensing-Changes-during-Winter-2022.aspx


Once you retire, your licence will be changed to an A1 licence that does not include the use of office desktop applications. There are about 30 days until the licence stops working. You can continue to use Word, Excel etc in a browser. Login to Gryph Mail and go to the apps or grid menu at the top left. Click and you can select each office app that will open in the browser. This page has details about how to use the products in a browser - https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/get-started-with-office-for-the-web-in-microsoft-365-5622c7c9-721d-4b3d-8cb9-a7276c2470e5


If you come back to work and have an active appointment, please contact us so we can update your office licence.

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