Software License Policy

Approved by the CIO and IT Governance Committee on February 12, 2021.



This document defines responsibilities regarding software licensing at the University of Guelph and provide guidelines for the acquisition, installation, and management of software.


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See the full Software License Policy (PDF).


Question and Answer:

Q: Does this Policy apply to new acquisitions or also previous purchases:
A: Section 6.1 (Licensing Requirements) states “All University of Guelph users are responsible for reading, understanding, and following the vendor’s EULA for the software that they are installing. Users must also comply with licensing requirements of the software that they are installing.”  This should be followed for software that you have already purchased and new purchases. If the software has already been acquired, you needn’t worry about the sections on Software Acquisition (6.1) or Software Purchasing (6.3). All the other sections are still valid. Put another way, if you have installed previously purchased software in a manner that conflicts with the software EULA – you need to make whatever change is required to move into compliance.

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