Security Policy Framework


We are migrating the authoritative version of our Security Policy Framework to this web-site to facilitate an iterative continuing development of content within the Framework. 

In December, 2009 University President Alastair Summerlee approved the IT Security Policy Framework.  The Final Draft of the Framework was submitted to the President by CIO Michael Ridley with the support of the Information Technology Steering Committee (ITSC).  That approved version is attached as a file to this page.

The Framework had been presented and circulated for feedback from IT governance constituents and the community at large. The enterprise-level IT Security Policy Framework was introduced to ITSC, ISC and ITSIG in late 2008. Here is a link to a presentation given in Dec/08 to the Information Services Council (ISC): Information Technology Security Program.   Here is a link to a Feb/09 "Briefing Paper  " prepared for the ITSC. 

The framework is here.


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