Information Sharing Agreement


Recognizing the increasing value of data as an organizational asset for our University, as well as the inherent security and privacy risks associated with the flow of information across various systems, it is important that we have a formal process to manage information sharing on campus.


For departments requesting a data transfer containing controlled information, this process begins with the requesting department submitting their request via email to the appropriate department:

You will be asked to complete the Information Sharing Agreement form (link below). This form includes fields for clarifying the business purpose for which the information will be used and must be signed by the Dean/AVP of the requesting department. The requesting department and data custodian will then meet to discuss, and once approved, the agreement will be revisited on an annual basis. This new process will apply both to systems that collect controlled information, as well as the subsidiary systems on campus requiring access to that information in order to conduct University business. 

This process highlights the value and importance of data and allows the University community to leverage data in a secure and transparent manner.


The most recent Information Sharing Agreement template can be viewed on the CCS website.


The most recent Process Workflow Diagram can be viewed on the CCS website.


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