Exporting Outlook Calendars into Excel


Outlook calendars can be exported as a CSV file, which allows you to view calendar event details in Excel, or make use of this data in another system that cannot read Outlook files.


This solution requires use of the Outlook desktop app, which is available via your University of Guelph Microsoft account.


1.) Switch to the calendar view and pick the calendar you want to export so that it is displayed on screen
2.) Select "File" from the menu.
3.) Select "Open & Export", then select "Import/Export" which will appear to the right


This will start the Import and Export wizard where you can choose the "Export to a file" option, then choose  "Comma Separated Values".  Keep clicking next and you will be prompted for the name and location of the file and the date range for the export.


A progress bar will be displayed while the export is taking place.  When it clears from the screen, the export is complete.

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