NVivo 2020 for Mac - Full Disk Access Issue


When following the set-up guide for NVivo 2020 for Mac, if the software will not let you launch the application until it has been granted Full Disk Access, but even after granting full disk access the software still prompts you to allow access, please follow these steps to troubleshoot the issue.


Please contact the CCS IT Help Centre by email at IThelp@uoguelph.ca and request a copy of the Nvivo Repair File. Once your ticket has been received, we will respond to your email with the file you will need in order to follow the steps below.


1. Open TextEdit and create a blank text file named CloudTabs.db and save it to your Desktop. (Make sure it's not an RTFlabel)

2. Close NVivo and remove Full Disk Access permissions in System Preferences > Security and Privacy > Privacy tab

3. Restart the computer and then add Full Disk Access permissions again for NVivo. Do not launch NVivo.

4. Open Finder.

5. Go to the Desktop and copy CloudTabs.db file that was created earlier.

6. Open another Finder window and click on Go from the Finder menu option.

7. Press the Option key on the keyboard. The Library option should now show under the Go menu.

8. Click on Library.

9. Navigate to the Safari folder, then paste CloudTabs.db in the Safari folder.

     a. Note you may see a popup that says the file is already in the folder, replace the current one in the folder with the new one.

10. Close Finder and launch NVivo.

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