MAC Certificate Error


Firstly, attempt to use the normal instructions for SecureWireless. You must change your password once recently, and then can use manual settings or use our JoinNow tool.

If the regular process does not work, this page has instructions to help you fix problems with connecting to uog-wifi-secure on a MAC. A common issue is:


If you have changed your password, and you are using manual connection settings or the Join Now tool and it is not connecting your Mac laptop to uog-wifi-secure, it could be due to a certificate issue. You may have an outdated security certificate on your computer, so the authentication is working until it checks the certificate and tries to add the new one.

Your computer may be displaying an error saying "Authentication Failed" or "Could not reach the server". If this is the case, try these instructions in order to remove some certificates to your computer.


1) Open the Keychain Access app (use the spotlight search tool in the top right to search for and find Keychain Access and open it).


2) On the top left of that window, select your username. Then in the bottom left of that window, select Certificates.


3) Delete the gold certificate called "Thawte Premium Server CA". It will ask you for you computer's admin password to confirm. If after all these steps, it still doesn't work, delete all certificates with uoguelph.cathawte, or digicert in the name.


4) Attempt to reconnect to uog-wifi-secure.


The certificates should be re-added when you successfully re-connect. If you still can not get a connection, you can drop by our IT Help Desk in the library. There we can remove the old certificates and get you connected.

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