Limits for Emails


Office 365 does have some limitations on how many messages can be sent from an account on a given day, and how many individual email addresses can be attached to a single email that is to be sent. Some of these limitations can compromise a user's ability to send email once they have been reached.  The documentation below explains some of these limitations, and offers users some methods of sending large volumes of email without creating problems in Office 365.


The two main limitations on our Office 365 accounts are a send limit of 10,000 email recipients per day from your GryphMail account, and an email recipient limit of 500 recipients per email. This means that if you wish to send an email to 1000 addresses, you will need to split this into two emails of 500 recipients each. 


Once you reach the 10,000 recipients per day limit across all emails sent from your account, you will be cut off from sending for 24 hours. Multiple recipients are added to a single email count towards the 10,000 recipient limit, so in the above example, the two emails of 500 recipients each would contribute 1000 recipients towards this daily limit.


There are also limits to the size of attachments you can send, and this depends on whether you are accessing GryphMail through the Outlook Web interface or the Outlook Desktop application for Mac or Windows. You can view all of the limits on emails for the current plan that the University of Guelph is currently on: the Office 365 Enterprise E1 plan.


Note: We have changed our retention limits for email in the Deleted Items folder


If you need to send out a large quantity of email or are using a tool or application to send mail that may put your account above these limits, please let the Help Center know, and they can provide more information on the campus mass mail tool, or ListServ, depending on whether you are planning to send this email once, or on a regular basis.

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