JoinNow - Android 9 

Follow the steps to use JoinNow to configure your device to connect to uog-wifi-secure. You can also watch this video on how to connect your Android device and Android additional troubleshooting steps. 

JoinNow Instructions:

1. You can get the wireless configuration tool from the Play store - search "Secure W2" and choose install the SecureW2 JoinNow tool or you can get a link to the software from our guest wifi network.  Connect to the uog-guest wireless network and open a web browser. If the registration page does not load in your browser, please type this website in the directly in the browser - When the guest wifi page loads, scroll down to the section for Staff Faculty and students. In the first section of this page is a link to the "wireless auto configuration tool" . Select this link and you will be taken to a page to download the JoinNow configuration tool.

2. Select the "Download" button

Main screen after clicking the JoinNow button.


3. Download and install the JoinNow app from the Google Play Store  


4. Return to your browser and Select "JoinNow"


5. Your phone will now try to configure JoinNow. 


6. Enter your UoG Central Login and Password , Select "Continue".


7. Watch the tool connect.


8. To finish the configuration click the 'Next' botton.


9. You are now connected, click on Done, enjoy the WI-FI!


If you are experiencing issues, you can contact the CCS Help Centre. 


JoinNow Uninstall Instructions:

NOTE: If you have uninstalled JoinNow on Android version 9 and 10 it will remove the uog-wifi-secure profile on the device also due to updates on the operating system. When you go to install it again a warning dialog box now appears. Go ahead and click "I understand".


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