Retiree Privileges

All IT-related privileges for retirees of the University of Guelph are negotiated and provided by Human Resources. For more information on all the privileges extended to retirees please see the Retiree Privileges website provided by Human Resources. The main privilege provided by CCS to retirees is continued access to their University of Guelph e-mail account.

How to Maintain Access to Your UofG E-mail Account

For faculty and staff who are about to retire, during your retirement interview with HR, you can express to your HR representative that you wish to keep your e-mail account active. HR will contact CCS on your behalf to keep your e-mail account active.

For faculty and staff members who have already retired and no longer have their email account, please contact your HR representative. Note that if your e-mail account has been deleted already, CCS cannot restore any deleted data. However, if HR approves the re-instatement of your e-mail account, CCS will re-create an empty e-mail account for you with the same e-mail address that you had before.

Library Access For Retirees

For privileges extended to retirees by the Library, please see the Library's Retirees website for details. 

Retirees with Emeritus/Emerita Status

For retirees that have emeritus/emerita status, you will retain the same privileges as faculty members. In order for CCS to be able to recognize your emeritus/emerita status after you retiree, please ensure that your department notifies CCS of your emeritus/emerita status by contacting the CCS Help Centre. If you are a University Professor Emeritus/Emerita and you appear on the University Secretariat's published recipients list, you can contact the CCS Help Centre yourself: be sure to provide your name, central login ID, and the department and/or college you were a faculty member of.

Access to a UofG E-mail Account for Surviving Spouses or Family Members of a Deceased Retiree

Unfortunately access to a retiree's e-mail account does not extend to a surviving spouse or family member after a retiree's passing. When Human Resources notifies CCS of a retirees passing, CCS will work with any surviving spouse or family member that is continuing to use the deceased retiree's e-mail account to backup data and transition away from the account. Note that the former department of a deceased retiree can choose to sponsor continued access to the deceased retiree's e-mail account. It is the responsibility of the surviving spouse or family member to negotiate this with the department directly. 

Cancelling a Retiree E-mail Account

If you wish to discontinue use of your retiree e-mail account, please contact the CCS Help Centre to have your account deleted.

Other Resources Provided to Retirees

Please be sure to visit the University of Guelph Retirees Association (UGRA) website for more information on retirement and resources available to all retirees.

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