Organizational Central Login Accounts and aliases are available to recognized groups or clubs that have multiple users needing access to university computing services through one account or shared access. These accounts are often used by departments or student clubs that would like to publish a website or share an email account within the group i.e.

Obtaining an Account

To request an account you must complete the Organizational account application form (see note below for information on filling out this form and conditions that apply.) The registered owner must be a Dean, Director, Chair, or Manager.  In the case of a Recognized Student Organization, it must be officially recognized by the Central Student Association (CSA) or the Department of Student Experience (SE). Depending on the time of year and the volume of requests we receive, it may take up to 5 business days to issue your account.

Email Aliases

Your organization is able to have an alias associated with your organizational account that may be more user friendly and easier to remember.  For Gryph Mail only, either the regular email address or the alias can be used to log in.
You can request an alias for your organizational account when you fill in the Organizational account application form.  The alias must be in the format of:
 <organization-part1>.<organization-part2> or

For example,  and  could be valid aliases.  Although abbreviations in one or both parts of the address may be used, it is suggested that departments adopt a consistent pattern.

Please note that CCS has the discretion to refuse an alias if it is deemed inappropriate. All organizational accounts will be limited to one associated alias.

Email aliases may be requested for Organizational accounts that already exist. In this case, email a request to specifying the Organizational account name and the desired alias, following the format outlined above.

Account Deletion

Organizational accounts run for a renewable term of up to one year. At the conclusion of the term, CCS will contact the account owner to review the account status and renew it if the account is still in active use.

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