Exporting GryphMail to Another System


If your access to your University of Guelph GryphMail account through Office 365 will be ending soon and you still want to maintain access to the emails in your account, you can export them to another service such as Gmail, Yahoo, etc. The following steps will walk you through the process of doing this.


If you still have access to your GryphMail account, and are able to install the Outlook Desktop application, the easiest way is to set up your GryphMail account and your other email account in the Outlook application, and simply drag and drop emails between the two systems. Directions for this are as follows:


  1. Install the Outlook Desktop App (ODA) on your computer. Log into your GryphMail account, and click on your name in the top, right-hand corner. From here, click on My Account, and then click on Install Status from the menu that appears on the left. You can select to install the desktop applications from here, and Outlook Desktop will be included in this.
  2. Add your GryphMail account to Outlook Desktop, and add your secondary account (Gmail, Hotmail, etc.). 
  3. If both of the above steps have been completed, you should now see two accounts in the Outlook Desktop app, one showing your current GryphMail account, and the other with your secondary account and its respective folders.
  4. Select all of the mail and mail folders you wish to transfer to your secondary account, and drag and drop them into the inbox of this account. You may want to create a folder in your secondary account called "GryphMail" or something similar, and drop your messages there to help keep them more organized. This process may take several minutes depending on how much mail you have.

You can also set your account up to have IMAP or POP3 access to your GryphMail for your secondary account if you continue to receive mail, and this will automatically add new emails to your secondary account. This will also bring existing mail over if you select it. However, we have found this process can take some time. You can find the settings for this on the Desktop Email Client Configuration page.

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