Private Printing on Toshiba eStudio MFPs

At times there are documents that need to be printed but contain confidential or private information.  We don't want these documents to be printed when we are not present to retrieve them.  We want them to be protected with a passcode until we are present at the printer and ready to release them.

The University's fleet of Toshiba eStudio Multi-function Printers (MFPs) support this form of "private printing".

Steps in your application

  1. Select File>Print
  2. Select your workgroup or departmental eStudio device
  3. Select “Printer Properties”
  4. In the Printer Properties dialog box, select the Basic tab
  5. On the Basic tab, under “Print Job:” label, select “Private Print” from the dropdown list.
  6. After “Private Print” is selected, select “…” (More Options)
  7. More Options will open a dialog box that allows you to enter an alphanumeric passcode. This passcode will be entered by you at the eStudio device to release your private print job.
  8. Configure any other print options that you want for this job.
  9. Select OK when finished. The “Properties” dialog box will close.
  10. Select “Print”. Your print job will be sent to the eStudio printer. It will not print until you are present and provide the passcode to release it.

Steps at the eStudio console

  1. Press “Home” icon to get to the Home screen
  2. On Home screen, press “Print” icon to get to the Print Job screen
  3. On Print Job screen, set “Job Type” to “Private”.  A list of private print job users will be displayed.
  4. Select your userid from the list of users.  Press OK
  5. You will be prompted to enter the passcode you set in step 7 above.
  6. After entering the passcode, a list of print jobs for that passcode will be displayed. You can select jobs from the list then print or delete these jobs.
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