Cannot see shared drives after connecting to VPN


Method A:
1. Connect to the AnyConnect VPN by entering "" into the AnyConnect connection window. 



2. In your taskbar search box, type "gpupdate /force", then press enter. Alternatively, you can search for "Command Prompt", then enter "gpupdate /force" in the new Command Prompt window.



3. Let the new command prompt window update the group policy. The window will close by itself when it is finished.







Method B:
1. Log into your computer.
2. Connect to the AnyConnect VPN.
3. Log out of your computer, then log back in again. This should map the drives.


Note: If your shared drive is listed in "Quick Access" in File Explorer, it may show up with a red "X" icon. If you are connected to the VPN, double clicking on the shared drive's icon should connect the drive.

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