Azure MFA - registering a FIDO2 security key or hardware token


To set up a security key or hardware token as an MFA method, you will need an MFA method already set up for your account. If you are unable to initially set up MFA via the Microsoft Authenticator app, text, or phone call, we will have to create a Temporary Access Pass as an MFA method. Please ensure MFA is already set up for your account or reach out to CCS to receive a Temporary Access Pass before proceeding. If you forget the PIN or need to reset your security key please see this Microsoft page for the steps.


NOTE: Fido security keys will not work for the login to Web Advisor. We are waiting for a resolution from the vendor. 



Using your Temporary Access Pass (if needed)


1. Sign into your U of G Microsoft account at

2. If the Enter Temporary Access Pass window appears, enter the Temporary Access Pass you received from CCS to sign in. Otherwise, sign into your account as normal.





Setting Up a FIDO2 Security Key


1. On the Security Info page, choose Add sign-in method, then choose Security key from the dropdown that appears. If you do not see this option, please reach out to the Help Centre for assistance.




2. Choose either USB device or NFC device (depending on the type of FIDO2 security key you have). From here, continue following the prompts provided to finish setting up your security key with your account. 


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3. You will then get a Windows Security pop-up to set up your security key. Press 'OK' for both prompts.


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4. Create a PIN for your security key. You will need to remember this PIN, as you must enter this PIN every time you authenticate with the security key.




5. Perform the action required for your security key. For USB style keys, this will typically be pressing a button on the key itself. For NFC style keys, this will be tapping the key somewhere on the device in question (i.e. an NFC-equipped phone).




6. Create a name for your security key. Please make this name unique (i.e. John's Security Key) to make it easily distinguishable on your account.




7. Click 'Done'. The security key has now been setup and the setup process is complete! If you would like to test out your key, try logging into an Incognito / Private Browsing window in your browser, then log into your account at




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