What to do after a password change

Changing your password frequently is good security practice.  It is the best defence against compromised accounts. For this reason, the University of Guelph encourages all students, faculty and staff to do this regularly.  This page includes some useful information that can help you troubleshoot any issues that may arise after you change your password.


Trouble accessing Microsoft 365 Services, VPN, or library services after a password change?

Changed passwords will take up to 35 minutes to synchronize to our new Microsoft Single Sign-on. This will delay your immediate access to Gryph Mail, library services and Microsoft 365 services (Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint, etc.). After the 35-minute delay, you will be able to access these services with your new password.


Log out of any Microsoft Office desktop apps or email clients

After changing your password, desktop versions of Microsoft Office and/or email applications may still have your old password saved locally. To update these, please sign out of your account in any Office desktop apps or email applications. For mobile devices, this includes removing your U of G account from your device's Settings application (iOS instructions  |  Android instructions).


The #1 quick workaround: Use the web versions of the M365 applications

If you are experiencing issues after a password change, remember that there are web versions of all M365 applications:

In either of these web applications, clicking on the "waffle" will display a menu of other M365 applications.



How do I connect to UofG-WiFi Secure network after I change my password?

The JoinNow utility is available to make it easier for University of Guelph WiFi users to connect to our secure wireless network.  This utility can be accessed from your mobile device or laptop from the UofG Guest WiFi network.  To find the utility on your device, search the web for "UofG JoinNow".  You may also use this link: UofG JoinNow

Device specific instructions for JoinNow can also be found on our IT Help site.  Search for "JoinNow <device type>"  i.e. JoinNow Windows, JoinNow iOS, etc.


After changing my password, I am stuck in a Single Sign On login loop

Some users have reported that they see repeated SSO login prompts after responding to a "Work or School" login prompt.  The instructions for working around this issue can be found here: Single Sign-On (SSO) "login loop" when using M365 product (uoguelph.ca)


I am working remotely. I can’t login to my computer after changing my password

This issue only applies to faculty, students, and staff who use your University of Guelph credentials to login to your computer.

In this case, your computer has not been able to communicate with the University of Guelph to get your new password.  There are two ways to resolve this:

  1. Bring your computer on-site, connect to the network, and login with your new password.
  2. Login to your computer using your old password.  This will work for a period.  At some point you must bring your computer on-site to allow the password to synchronize.




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