Adding an External Account to Microsoft Teams


Teams is available to users with email addresses, however team owners are now able to add external users to a Teams Channel if needed. 


External users are considered people who are not a part of our organization. Therefore, they do not hold a email address.

There is now the ability for guest users to have access to Microsoft Teams. 


To add a guest into a Team, you will go through the same process as when you add an internal user to a Team. 

1. Navigate to the team page and press the ellipsis button beside the name of the team. 

Ellipsis on Teams team to add members

2. Click the purple 'add a member' button on the right-hand side. 

3. Type in the email address of the external user into the search bar and press "add".


This external user will be added as a guest and you will not have the option to change them to an owner or a member

After this external members will be able to access the team!


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